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Despising by default

Update: The decision this post wails about was later reversed – comments won’t be subscribed by default after all – so this post is just me having a whinge about nothing. As usual.


I hate this:

By default, posting a comment will now subscribe you to receive follow-up comments via email for that specific post, keeping you updated on the conversation.

– Beau Lebens, Stay in the conversation, WordPress.com News, 15 May 2012

By default you’ve been subscribed to something, and the damn thing is going to be sent to your email inbox. You can opt out, but you either have to do that post by post (unclicking a box that appears down the page on the comment form) or find the global settings for your blog.

If you don’t have the link provided in that blog post above, finding the global settings for your blog is not easy. I just tried it. I assumed it would be through the Dashboard, and I tried the Settings > Discussion tab, then Dashboard > Connections, and then gave up.

You have to go through the WordPress.com page, not your own blog, and to do that you click the “W” icon at the top-left of your dashboard page. Anybody who uses Reader probably knows that already, but I don’t use Reader. And frankly, I can’t understand why anybody does. I tried subscribing to my other blog, the Outpost, to see what happens, and found that “following” another blog sends its updates to my email inbox.

Why would I want to read blog posts in my email inbox? Why would anyone? What the hell is wrong with you people?!

Now I can see why so many people think email is such a problem – it’s probably because their inboxes are being inundated by blog posts and comment updates. But why would you choose to do that? Why not use a feed reader for impersonal things and keep your email for important things? An email summons you; a feed reader just sits there till you want to read it.

I don’t understand people, and today I don’t want to. I despise each and every one of you – completely equally, so there’s no discrimination.

Anyway, to opt-out of the stupid new comments settings, you have to go to the Reader and look for the almost-hidden “Manage email delivery settings” in the sidebar:
screen capture of the Reader sidebar It’s in a nice pale colour and small font size, so you might not even be able to read it if your eyesight isn’t the best.

I’m guessing that WordPress is trying to centralise our actions for the purposes of money-making. Instead of us using our own separate dashboards, we’re supposed to use the central one, and our presence there will be sold to advertisers or whoever else is willing to throw in some cash. That’s just my guess. Maybe there’s another plan afoot. Maybe it’s just WordPress trying to copy Tumblr or Facebook or whatever other service uses a central dashboard instead of individual pages.

Whatever the plan, I don’t like the way this is going.

And of course, if I don’t like it, I should just shut up and go somewhere else.

And so far I haven’t found anywhere else. I don’t like the way this is going.

I just noticed that this blog now has an endless page. You can’t get to the end of the page and go back or forward, you just go on, and on, and on, and on. The fricking endless scroll! No wonder the page takes so long to load now. Bloody hell. I hate the endless scroll! What are you doing, WordPress? Stop it.

Monday morning

In the time it took my RSS reader, NewsFox, to run around the internet and bring me all the updates of my favourite sites, I had time to clean my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, fold the laundry from yesterday, and make a cup of tea. Then, in the time it took to skim through the new RSS items from the 130 feeds and read the ones I was interested in, there was not time to load an ‘Add New Post’ page from WordPress. Sometimes these pages just don’t load, and sometimes they take so long I give up. This time I gave up and tried again later (i.e. now), and this time the page loaded almost immediately, or at least in under a minute.

Anyway, RSS wins for speed and convenience. I wish it would also read all my feeds and write all my posts too, then I wouldn’t even have to be here.


I just noticed in the feed for my own WordPress posts that there’s now a link for “Add a comment”. That’s the first time I’ve seen that in a feed. Maybe they’ve been there all along and I just never noticed before, but anyway: well done and thank you, WordPress! It’s a good efficient link.