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Sunday night TV

After all my whingeing about television this morning, tonight I found something to watch, and it was great: Great Expectations, a co-production between the BBC and PBS. It’s lush and dark and brooding. Even better: I’ve never read the Charles Dickens book on which it’s based, so I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

I expect the series won’t last very long, but at least it was something to watch tonight, and now I’m happy.

I’ve spent five minutes searching for a program website, without finding one, but here’s an introduction from PBS (which will screen the show in April, and also offer teacher-resource videos), and apparently you can see tonight’s episode as shown in Australia on iView at the ABC if you can be bothered trying to navigate their stupid website and have a fast connection.


I really miss watching television. I used to love it.

There hasn’t been anything I’ve really loved watching for years now. For a while I thought my tastes had just changed; that maybe now the internet is available I prefer to read instead of watch.

But it’s not that. Yesterday I watched a video of some episodes of Northern Exposure and Ballykissangel taped in 1996 (I only know the date because the year was mentioned in an advertisement). And they were great! I loved them. And I’d certainly watch programs like that now if there were available, but they’re not, or not on the stations I can see.

I just checked the TV guide for tonight, expecting an episode of Midsomer Murders – a program I didn’t exactly love, but it was okay enough to turn the television on, and something small to look forward to each week. But now some other program has started instead. I dimly remember seeing the preview last week and being disappointed.

Which means that now there’s only one thing each week that I want to watch: a repeat episode of New Tricks, and that’s probably nearing the end of its series now, too.

I’m disappointed all over again. This is getting tiring.

Tragedy made worse by insensitive media

That’s the transcript of part of tonight’s Media Watch (ABC TV), which looked at the way journalists misrepresented what happened when the eight-year-old child died in the desert in Western Australia in January (something I mentioned a few days ago, too). I still think those journalists should be charged with something (anything!), but if that can’t happen, and I guess it can’t, then being criticised by Media Watch is a pretty good result.