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Political stupidities

I’ve just realised what it is that most annoys me about the Labor party’s leadership ridiculousness. Someone said it in an article I just read: that voters have become spectators on the sidelines of some stupid sporting event.

That’s it, exactly! The Rudd versus Gillard fight isn’t about Australian people, it’s about Australian politicians and political parties. They’re not fighting for ideas, they’re fighting for positions. They’re not fighting for us, they’re fighting for themselves and each other and the journalists who spur them on.

Screw them, frankly. I think it’s great that Labor is imploding; it will probably drive more votes to the Greens and independents. But if this latest stoush leads to a new election (which I’m guessing Labor will lose), then I’ll be disappointed the independents couldn’t hold onto their recent power for longer. I thought it was good they were there. I liked them, all of them – not only because they mostly sounded pretty sensible, but because they were outside the parties: outsiders like us, the voters.

Also: it amuses me that the ABC will cover tomorrow’s Labor leadership vote by starting festivities at five o’clock in the morning. 5am?? How on earth are they going to fill in all that time?! Is there going to be pre-game entertainment or something? If it wasn’t already after midnight, dammit, I’d get up early just to see how they’re going to manage it.