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My latest cake

Tonight I threw myself into the wonderful world of baking. Again. I’ve been there before, of course. Maybe you remember the buns from Easter?

burnt buns

This time I branched out into the adventurous field of sponge-cake cookery.

I think the trick with sponges is to trap air into the mix, but neither the air nor the mix would co-operate. By the time I’d gently folded in the flour there was almost no mix left to pour into a tin – and only one tin, instead of the intended two. Here is what we might call “the result”:

a very flat cake that looks like it had to be torn apart rather than sliced

A honey sponge.

It has the texture of aerated tofu.

20 mins at 170 C

Lately I’ve been doing some yeast cooking – bread and pizza dough – and it’s been going pretty well. So tonight, being Easter and all, I decided to try making hot cross buns.

The procedure is similar to bread-making, the recipe just has more sugar in it, plus you add sultanas, spice, and an egg. It should have been a lot like making bread rolls.

And I adjusted the oven temperature, knowing that the oven here always cooks hotter than its temperature gauge indicates. If a recipe calls for a 200 Celcius temp (as the buns recipe did), then I use 170 C instead.

Which is all introduction, hoping to prepare you for the shock that was this:

burnt buns!

Kinda scary… ^_^