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Use a rear-vision mirror to see a tick on your own head

I hadn’t thought of doing this until yesterday, when there was a tick on the back of my ear and I was sitting in the car at the farm, wondering what to do. I used the car’s rear-vision mirror to see where the tick was. The rear-vision mirror can be angled in lots of directions, and there’s good light coming in from the car windows, so it works much better than using a bathroom mirror (a method which usually requires holding a small hand mirror as well to get the angle right).

I had a pair of tweezers in my bag, and luckily the tick was in an accessible spot just behind my ear, so (because I didn’t have to hold a mirror in one hand and a torch in the other) I had enough hands to do everything: I was able to bend my ear down with one hand so I could find the tick and then remove it with tweezers in the other hand.

Problem solved!

Getting reacquainted

Hey, guess what, probably-non-existent reader? I miss this blog! I like the way I write! And I only just realised this five minutes ago when I looked through some of my old posts and thought, “I love these things!”

So, there we go. I should get back here and do more posts. That’s my plan.