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New year

Well, Dear Reader, my New Year’s resolution is to get this blog started again, but so far I haven’t thought of anything to say. And I couldn’t remember how to log in to WordPress, to start off with. And now I’m fighting with the idea that I can’t say both “started” and “start” in the same paragraph.

In other news, my chicken is still around, thank goodness, and he has a new name: [something I later thought better of publishing, so now I’ll call him “W”]. I usually call him “Chickie”, though, which probably undermines his roosterly dignity.

And I now have nine head of cattle, acquired over the years in ways I can’t be bothered explaining at the moment:
– Old Cow and her unnamed calf;
– Baby2 and an unnamed calf who recently had her own calf, also unnamed (Baby2: a grandmother?!);
– Baby1;
– Little Bull;
– Fluffy and her unnamed calf.

And recently I made a shadehouse, and I have plants.

And now it’s 2015, and way past midnight on the second day of the year, and I’m falling asleep at the keyboard.

Best wishes to you, Reader. May the year ahead be one worth writing home about.

Getting reacquainted

Hey, guess what, probably-non-existent reader? I miss this blog! I like the way I write! And I only just realised this five minutes ago when I looked through some of my old posts and thought, “I love these things!”

So, there we go. I should get back here and do more posts. That’s my plan.

Waiting, worrying

Update 1:
I’m going to leave this post here as a reminder to myself to stop jumping to conclusions. And also, I should STOP WORRYING! Update 2 after the post below will explain.

I miss the old days, when all I had online was a blog, and I didn’t know there was anything else to do.

Now I have this blog, the other one (Loneliest Island Outpost), and a Pinboard account, and I know it’s not enough. And I’ve started worrying about the feasibility of keeping these blogs, if “feasibility” is the right word, and frankly, now I don’t care if it isn’t.

This morning I’ve tried three times to load this “Add New Post” page, each time getting just a blank screen before I give up and start again. On the third attempt I decided to just let it run, however long it takes, until the page has loaded fully. And I’m timing it with the stopwatch on my phone.

At about 3 minutes I could start typing in the text box, but now at 10 minutes the page is still loading (I still don’t have the icons for adding media and there’s no menu for adding links or formatting and whatnot – the page is waiting and waiting and waiting for

I have a dial-up connection, so all pages everywhere take a long time to load, but over the last few months the pages here have taken longer than anywhere else. And now Posterous users are moving in (if you haven’t seen the news, Twitter bought Posterous as a talent aquisition, which makes it likely that the blogs there will one day not be available any more, and those users will need to find somewhere else to go).

As WordPress gets bigger, maybe that makes it more likely it will survive long-term. I guess that’s the way it works. But that doesn’t mean the site will be usable for me.

This page is still loading and I still don’t have a way to add formatting or media or a link. We’re at 15 minutes 45 seconds right now, and I’m sick of waiting.

… I tried to add a tag, and can’t do that either. For my next trick, I’ll click Publish and hope it works. We’re currently at 17 minutes 18 seconds.

… And while I was editing the post before hitting Publish, the page finished loading! Yay! 19 minutes 50 seconds! Maybe today is a bad day to have run this little test (maybe all the Posterous imports are putting an unexpected strain on the place), but I guess that’s my point, too. None of us knows what’s going to happen next. Every time another blogging site fails or falls, this one will be picking up the refugees. Can it handle the strain? I don’t know, obviously. But that’s what I’m worried about. I’m thinking it’s probably better if I spread my online activities a little wider, so there’s always at least one place I can go.

Update 2:
Shortly after publishing this post, I realised I’d been downloading Windows updates at the same time as running this test for page-load time. After the updates had finished, I tried loading a WordPress “Add New Post” again, and hey! At the first attempt, I hit the wrong button on the phone’s stopwatch and didn’t get a result! Second attempt: 19 seconds! That’s first class, five stars, excellent!

So, I’m very sorry for casting aspersions against WordPress’s ability to handle page loading. The problem is not them, it’s me. I’ve really got to stop being such an idiot.


Every time I use a gallery-format post here, I get confused and have to re-learn how to use the damn things.

I don’t understand what it is that makes it so difficult. Well, presumably it’s me, but I don’t understand what it is about me that can’t seem to work with the gallery process. I can never work out which buttons are the right ones to use, or which sort of page the image should link to (for this clothes gallery, it’s the attachment page), or how to edit the images later (go to Visual, not HTML, and then click inside the image outline to bring up a little icon thing, then click on the one that says “Edit” on hover). And I always want to click “Insert in post” instead of “Save changes”, or whatever they’re called.

I just find the whole process so annoying. Plus, now I want to add links to the captions, but I couldn’t find a way to do that. I ended up writing in the links myself, so if they don’t work, that’s why.

Slow clothing

My internet connection has been running very slowly over the last few days, making my search for clothes photos even slower than it might normally be. I abandoned a few sites after a setting a page-load limit of five minutes: if the site hadn’t started to show something other than a blank screen within that time it got struck off my list.

So far, I’ve found only three items. This is pretty disappointing. I thought it would be quicker and easier than this, and it should be fun as well, if possible.

Also, obviously I need to find clothing for a middle-aged person of non-excellent shape i.e. me, but so far all I’ve seen are sites showing impossibly-thin young women of gorgeous appearance, which becomes quite demoralising after a while.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to think of a way to save the pictures I might eventually find, other than to start a gallery-format post and keep updating it. I want all the pictures in one place, not spread out over individual posts. I wondered about starting an account at a site specifically set up to show lists of photos – Pinterest or Svpply, say – but then decided I’d prefer to keep them here.

So, next up: my clothes style gallery, which I won’t bother explaining there. It’ll just keep updating forever, I guess, or until I get sick of the idea.