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Lots of sites don’t show a link for their RSS feeds any more, and I’ve been getting a lot of use out of a Firefox add-on, RSS Icon, which detects a feed, if there is one.

And once I started thinking about how useful that add-on is, I noticed some of the others I’d hate to try to live without:
Adblock Plus – gets rid of advertisements
Read It Later – saves pages to, yes, read later

Tragedy made worse by insensitive media

That’s the transcript of part of tonight’s Media Watch (ABC TV), which looked at the way journalists misrepresented what happened when the eight-year-old child died in the desert in Western Australia in January (something I mentioned a few days ago, too). I still think those journalists should be charged with something (anything!), but if that can’t happen, and I guess it can’t, then being criticised by Media Watch is a pretty good result.