Lots of earthquakes?

The feed I get from USGS [US Geological Survey] showing magnitude 4.5+ earthquakes around the world usually has a handful of updates every morning. But today there were 28. Except… when I went to the USGS site to link you to this astounding information, (a) I can’t find a way to link to it; and (b) now there are only 8 earthquakes listed anyway.

I suppose the 20 extra ones must have been false readings. That seems like a high number. But I don’t usually check the main site against the feed, so maybe it’s a normal rate of mistakes. The feed often shows adjustments to magnitudes, so the initial reports are probably only ever provisional. And I can’t tell how many reports are deleted later because my feed reader only shows updates to information in the old posts; it doesn’t have a way to indicate deletions.

For the record, the 28 quakes in the feed were magnitudes 4.5 to 5.3, in areas including Indonesia, Philippines, Indian Ocean, Papua New Guinea, India, Tonga, Japan, Chile, New Zealand, Russia, Greenland, Tristan da Cunha, and Antarctica.