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Therapy – therapeĆ­a – attention

‘Therapy’ comes from the Greek word therapeia, which means ‘to be attentive to’.
Art therapy, Wikipedia, 24 August 2011

That might not be strictly correct (the dictionaries I checked didn’t support that definition), but it’s a nice idea.


I like the little notices from WordPress after a post is published:**

screen capture

“Slick!”? I’ve never heard anybody say that before, WordPress. You’re cute and amusing.

** In case you can’t read the image: “This is your first post. Slick! This post has 103 words.”

Starting again

I’m starting this blog again. I moved all the old posts out into a private blog (thanks to Dashboard > Tools > Export, which is a handy thing to know about, even if you only want to use it to save a copy of your posts as a backup).

I still don’t know what I’m doing, and I still can’t write a post without agonising and editing the draft thirty, fifty, one hundred times before and after publishing – which is exactly what I don’t want to do any more.

So let’s just get on with it, Reader, whatever “it” ends up being. It’s starting now.